Boston Poly Quaranteam

Welcome Boston poly folk!

If you consider yourself to be part of the extended Boston Poly Community, please join us! Boston Poly is something you carry with you in your heart, wherever you reside.

Why should you sign up?

Community! All of this COVID-19 social distancing is lonely.

We belong to a wonderful local community. Boston has a vast and diverse population of polyamorous people. The rich tapestry of community that we have built is awe-inspiring. Boston poly folk are community-minded, imaginative, and compassionate.

Our massive community expands beyond any one person's knowledge and fades into the unknown. We all have the chance to meet new friends we didn't know we had yet!

That's great, but why Quaranteam?

Quaranteam is a platform facilitating community support. Many of us are Boston transplants living with smaller chosen families and don't have access to more traditional means of support. Let's come together to get through this!

When you sign up, you get:

  • Access to the private extended Boston Poly Community website where you can offer or request help.

  • Access to the private Slack Workspace - come say hello! There are channels to offer help, get help, send birthday wishes, talk about your feelings, and explicitly not talk about your feelings.

  • A weekly community newsletter with a hand-selected meme.

What does community support look like?

Want to hear a secret? Quaranteam was built with Helpers in mind! If you're vibrating with nervous energy, wishing that you could do something to help in these tough times, please join us and sign up to be a Helper. You'll be tapped into a forum where you'll know if somebody needs help and have the chance to put your energy into supporting your friends. There's no need to even leave the house.

That said, if you're stuck at home due to illness (COVID-19 or otherwise) or you need to self-qurantine due to exposure to COVID-19, join us! Become a Helpee; we care about you. You'll get a Captain (who you can nominate) who will coordinate community support for two weeks. This support can be light-touch - for example, check in text messages every few days - or it can be bigger and include things like weekly grocery delivery. Even if you're just a little sick and have a self-reliant streak, consider giving your friends the chance to be nice to you anyways.

If you're neither of these, sign up anyways! Come hang out in the Slack - we're swapping face mask photos and crafting tips, organizing virtual movie nights, exchanging info about grocery delivery, and low-key chatting.

Why are we doing this?

We care. That’s pretty much it. We’re not looking to make money, and we're not looking to leverage the community or by any means your data. We want to help our awesome community be a community at an important (and yet difficult) time to be a community.

Let's flatten the curve together. Let's support people who should stay home, and give all of us a much-needed sense of belonging. Right now - let's participate in something bigger than our tiny lives and do some good together!