Welcome to Quaranteam!

Solidarity, Not Charity

What is Quaranteam?

Quaranteam is a way for a community to come together in these difficult times. It's a platform that connects people who need support with their friends and friends of friends who want to help them.

At its heart, a Quaranteam is made up of three overlapping roles:

  • Helpers - The backbone and soul of your Quaranteam. Helpers rally to support Helpees in whatever small and creative ways that they can.

  • Helpees - People who temporarily need social support from their community. This can be due to illness (COVID-19 or otherwise), emergency (e.g. disrupted housing situation), or needing to self-quarantine due to exposure to Coronavirus.

  • Captains - Quaranteam's special sauce! Captains are leaders who wrangle Helpers and get Helpees the help which is right for them. Captains act as a screen between Helpers and Helpees, allowing Helpees to focus on just getting better. Captains also steer the Helpers and give them concrete small tasks they can do to pitch in!

Who Is It For?

Quaranteam works with established communities and community hubs to facilitate community social support between members.

Communities such as school systems, apartment complexes, religious organizations, and other intentional communities can benefit from the Quaranteam platform.

How to Launch Your Own Quaranteam!

Is your community looking for a way to coordinate social support in the age of COVID-19?

Email admin@quaranteam.net to get started!